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Cash Advance Loans Lake City FL.

When you're short on money, you're trying to obtain the needed funds as soon as possible. At Peoples State Bank, we know how much time it's required to spend in order to get the necessary financial assistance, including lining up in front of a local store of the FL state city and filling out all papers. However, is there any solution to avoid these procedures and receive money almost instantly? Here's when payday loans come to the rescue.

Even though Peoples State Bank doesn't provide payday services, our trustworthy partner PSB-PDL offers the most affordable cash advance online options to receive money quickly.

Payday loans, also known as cash advance, help you get up to $500 in one business day. These short-term options can be used towards dealing with financial emergencies and needs, including paying housing and communal services, car repairs, medical bills, groceries, and other daily expenses and services.

Payday Loan Regulations in Lake City Area

Not differently from another U.S. state, Lake City, FL 32055 lending companies meet certain laws and rules concerning payday services. Consumers should get acquainted with Florida State regulations to fully understand the loan application and funding processes before submitting the request.

It's important to be aware of possible fees when ordering online products in Lake City, FL:

Maximum APR - when taking $100-loan for two weeks, the yearly interest rates are estimated at 309%.

Maximum Term - payday loan terms vary from 7 to 31 days.

Material Consumption - if the borrowing cash doesn't exceed $30, lenders can't collect more than a dollar per $5 of the loan.

Acquisition Fees - when borrowing from $30 to $100, the legitimate charges are equal to 0.1 of the loan amount. If the borrowed sum is higher than $100, the maximum charge will be estimated at $10.

Maximum Amount - there are no maximum amounts specified for the Lake City, FL 32055 area cash advance.

Bad Credit is NOT an Issue with Payday Loans No Credit Check

Compared to conventional lending companies, such as FCU and our Peoples State Bank, the Lake City area PSB-PDL payday loan lenders don't require a good credit score. Instead of hard credit checks, their lenders prefer no credit check, considering such factors as income details and basic information.

It means it's not a problem to apply for a payday loan even with a bad credit score or no credit at all. Besides, this type of check doesn't have any impact on the current credit score. Thus, the Lake City, FL 32055 state residents don't have to worry about the negative consequences of lenders' verification.

How Can I Get Cash Advance Loans in Lake City, FL?

The Lake City, FL 32055 state residents are welcome to apply online for the desired cash amount by visiting the PSB-PDL online store website.

When filling out the online application form, it's required to provide basic personal info, including name, banking details, and employment information.

Right after sending the completed request, Lake City, FL customers receive a payday loan lender's offer to the provided email address.

Finally, it's needed to review all the terms, sign the agreement, and get the requested money the next business day directly to an active bank account.

Lake City, FL Payday Loans Advantages

Besides the high business expertise, customers will be provided with the following perks when using online loan services:

Time-saving process. The online application usually takes up to 10 minutes and can be done from any location, only having a smartphone or a laptop as well as a good internet connection in proximity.

Easy application form. It's not necessary to visit offices or a company store doing paperwork. Instead of it, customers can use the online application form. In addition, the services are completely free of charge.

Instant approval. It doesn't take more than a couple of minutes to receive a lender's approval that will be directly sent to an email address alongside the loan agreement in the name of a borrower.

Quick funding. The money is funded within 24 business hours after signing the contract directly to an active bank account.

Complete safety. All the carried-out transactions and personal information provided in the form are secured by the policy of the company. Besides, there are no hidden charges or fees included.

Top customer service. Customer agents provide all needed services, including help, information, and advisory support 24/24.

What Are the Conditions to Apply for a Payday Loan in Lake City, FL?

In place of complying with high requirements of Peoples State Bank, cash advance customers from Lake City area should meet minimum suitability criteria to apply for a loan at PSB-PDL:

  • to be at least 18 years of age;
  • to have the Lake City, FL permanent residence or U.S. citizenship;
  • to possess a verifiable source of regular income (at least $1,000);
  • to provide a valid phone number, email address alongside other basic personal data (name, SSN, ID);
  • to have an active bank account.


  • Can you go to jail for not paying back a payday loan in Florida?

A payday loan non-payment isn't a reason for going to jail. However, there's a possibility of getting into a debt trap if loans can't be repaid for a long time.

  • How many payday loans can you get in Florida?

It's not permitted to take more than a single payday loan at the same time and over four cash advances within a year. Although it's better not to use short-term services as permanent choices, as it might damage financial stability.

  • How can I get an advance on my check?

As payday loans are usually paid off on the next paycheck, it's necessary to provide the employment details or proof of stable income to apply for a cash advance on a check.

*MasterMoney Debit Card and Credit Card products are subject to credit approval.
# Interest is paid on collected balances only. Accounts closed prior to the end of the statement period forfeit all interest earned during the period. Other Fees may also apply.
+Additional fees apply for use of Internet banking and bill payment features.