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Certificates of Deposit

Over the years, nothing has proved to be more reliable year in and year out than bank certificates of deposit. With a minimum investment of $2,000.00 you can take advantage of our competitive market rates, often the best in Lake City.

Maturity periods include:

  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • 1 Year
  • 18 Months
  • 2 Years
  • 3 Years
  • 4 Years
  • 5 Years

Unlike most other financial institutions, we compound interest on a daily basis. This helps improve your yield and maximize earnings on your certificate of deposit. We’ve also eliminated the time consuming periodic interest checks along the worry of losing one and the hassle of having to run to the bank to deposit them. Interest earnings are now either added back to the balance of your certificate or deposited directly into your checking account.

Peoples State Bank typically offers a premium on certificates issued in amounts of $100,000.00 or more. This additional amount over our posted rates may vary based on current market conditions. Please call for the current Jumbo CD rates

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*: Please consult with your tax preparer or CPA firm how you can best take advantage of IRA accounts to minimize your taxes and whether your contributions may be deductible. +: The annual percentage yield (APY) assumes the principal and its interest will remain on deposit for a full year at the listed rate or until maturity. Withdrawals, fees and other conditions could reduce earnings.