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Overdraft Protection

Peace of mind comes easy when you don't have to worry about an accidental overdraft. At Peoples State Bank you can obtain overdraft protection in two ways. You can obtain one of our Executive Lines of Credit which begin with a $5,000 credit limit. Alternatively, you can choose to back up your checking account with an automatic transfer from your savings account or another checking account. Either way, you can rest easy knowing that a simple bookkeeping error will not result in embarrassment.

Call us today to make arrangements to give your checking account a safety net.

Direct Deposit & Automatic Transfers

To help you maintain a regular plan for savings or investment, we offer automatic transfer service. This service allows you to transfer funds between your accounts each month. There is no charge for the automatic transfer, but the amount must be the same each month. You can also have your loan payments transferred automatically from your checking account. With Direct Deposit, your check is sent directly to your account electronically and is available for use immediately. There is no charge for Direct Deposit transactions.

Online Banking

Peoples State Bank is proud to offer you access to a full-featured Internet Banking service that's as close as your home PC. At PSB-eBank you can do much, much more than just look at your balance to see if a check cleared. We've teamed up with the firm that pioneered Internet banking to bring you the very best in secure, powerful, and user-friendly on-line banking.

The basics include being able to view account balances and history of your checking, savings, money market, certificate, IRA, and loan accounts. This information can also be downloaded to Microsoft Money, Quicken or a comma-delimited file for other software programs. Your account data can be retained for as long as two years.

Transaction capabilities include stop payments, wire transfers, and account transfers. These transactions can be set-up as One Time or Recurring and you can view historical transactions.

Although e-banking is free, you can also perform the following transactions which carry a nominal fee:

  • Account transfers $0.10


Bill Payment

Easily and quickly handle your bills and avoid the costs of checks, envelopes, postage and the delays incurred using the mail. With PSB-eBank's Bill Payment option, you can pay bills immediately or set them up for future dates. It handles One Time and Recurring payments, pending bill payments, and maintains historical bill payments. We can save you time and money when you use this service.

There is no charge for BIll Payment, enjoy this valuable service for free!

Online Check Ordering

Order your checks the convenient on-line way. You can now order your Deluxe printed checks right on the Internet and see what they look like before you buy them so you can get just the look you want to make a personal statement with your personal checks. In addition, once your order has been placed, you can check on the status of your printed checks right up until they arrive at your home.

Save time and hassle when you order on-line. It's just another way that Peoples State Bank delivers state of the art banking to our customers.

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