Peoples' State Bank
About Us

Letter from the President

Greetings and welcome to our Internet branch!

When Peoples State Bank opened, one of our goals was to make banking with us easy and hassle-free. One of the ways that we feel that goal can be met is by opening a branch office on the Internet.

We're a new bank with a lot of new ideas about how banking should be done and the proper way to treat customers. Banking should be convenient for our clients and each customer should be treated with dignity and respect.

And since we just opened in 1999, we aren't burdened with old fashioned and outdated ideas or technologies. You'll find our Internet branch to be state-of-the-art technology and discover the same when you bank with us in person.

Instead of settling for a website that's just an electronic brochure, we've designed our site to serve as a fully functioning electronic bank. You can apply for loans, view your accounts, look at your checks and deposits, pay bills, make transfers and download your transactions to Quicken™ or Microsoft Money™. You can plan your financial future using the financial calculators on our site.

I invite those of you just browsing to consider establishing an account with us and if there is anyway in which we can improve your banking experience with Peoples State Bank, please be sure to send us an e-mail or give us a call at (386) 754-0002. Once again, happy surfing.

Best regards,

Thomas M. Riherd, II
President and Chief Executive Officer