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Peoples State Bank is proud to offer our customers one of the best deals in banking today, Peoples Checking. When you open your account with $50.00 or more you'll get a full featured checking account that pays Money Market rates on your balances with rates that increase as your balance rises.

With this account you’ll no longer need one account for handling your household checking needs and a second account to earn top dolllar on your savings or retirement funds.

Other included options are ATM access and MasterMoney Card* access, free use of our on-site ATMs, night depository, access to tellers and drive-thru banking, bank-by-mail, and no cut-off/same day credit for your deposits.

When you keep at least $1,000.00 in your account each day of the monthly statement cycle there is no service charge. The monthly maintenance fee of $12.95 is charged to accounts where the minimum balance falls below $1,000.00 during the monthly statement cycle.

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You’ll also receive these additional features.
•      Notebook ready image statements that have a photograph of each of your checks paid during the statement cycle.
•      Free use of our Internet banking service, including Bill Payment service.
•      No fee VISA or MasterCard.*
•      Ability to link a personal line of credit to your Peoples Account to protect you from the embarrassment and expense of accidental overdrafts.*

There are also discounts on additional products and services that will be applied as set forth below:

•      Safe deposit box first year's rent free (3x5 box size only).  Regular rental rates will apply after the 1st year and annual rent must be deducted from the deposit account.
•      New consumer loans are eligible for a discount, currently ¼%, when the loan payments are debited from the checking account at Peoples State Bank.  This does not apply to home mortgage or business purpose loans.  The discount may be revoked if the payment discontinues to be debited from checking account.

In addition to the monthly service charge for this account, you may incur other fees depending upon the usage.  Such fees may include Foreign ATM Charge of $1.00 per use, Check printing fees, NSF Funds Charge, Dormant account charge after 12 months inactivity.


*MasterMoney Debit Card and Credit Card products are subject to credit approval.
# Rates subject to change daily, please contact us for current rates. Interest is paid on collected balances only. Accounts closed prior to the end of the statement period forfeit all interest earned during the period.

** Annual Percentage Yield (APY) Other Fees may also apply.