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Other Business Services

EFT, Direct Deposit and Automatic Transfers

Business accounts can have transactions electronically access their account for payment to vendors or governmental authorities. You can also have your loan payments transferred automatically from your checking account. With Direct Deposit, your customers can send funds directly to your account electronically and those funds are available for use immediately. There is no charge for Direct Deposit transactions.

Credit Card Clearing

Maximize your sales potential by accepting VISA or MasterCard. Peoples State Bank can process your credit card sales drafts at very competitive discount rates, probably better than what you have today. Contact one of our Customer Service Representatives for more information.

Payroll Processing Service

With the Peoples State Bank payroll service, you can spend your time managing your business instead of fighting paperwork. Our partnership with Time+Plus brings you affordable, state of the art, full-service payroll processing. We'll calculate your payroll, provide detailed reports, deposit pay into any financial institution, and provide your employees with detailed paystubs customized to meet your needs. The service includes preparation of W-2's, payment of taxes to IRS, and completion of IRS forms ready for your signature.


Overdraft Protection

Sometimes in the rush of running a business, someone forgets to make a deposit or mails a check before your account is ready for it to paid. With Overdraft Protection, you don't have to worry about an accidental overdraft or the disruption it can cause your employees or business relationships.

At Peoples State Bank you can obtain overdraft protection in two ways. You can obtain one of our Business Lines of Credit which begin with a $5,000 credit limit. Alternatively, you can choose to back up your checking account with an automatic transfer from your savings account or another checking account. Either way, you can rest easy knowing that a simple bookkeeping error will not result in embarrassment.

Call us today to make arrangements to give your checking account a safety net.

Same Day Credit / No Cut-Off

You won't have to rush around during your lunch hour to make an early banking cut-off time at Peoples State Bank. Any deposit you make before we close will be processed on the same business day, right up to closing time. Items received on Saturdays will be processed on the next business day. Large or bulk deposits should be made earlier in the day so that we can call your business back if there are any errors in the deposit transaction.

Businesses that wish to use the night depository for regular deposits after hours, or safekeeping, may purchase locking zipper bags for $20.00 each. Small zipper bags may also be purchased for $3.00 each. Deposits placed in the Night depository after 9:00am or on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays are posted on the next business day. Customers can choose bags that the bank may open and process each morning, or bags that only they can open.