Peoples' State Bank
Business Banking

Online Banking & Cash Management

Peoples State Bank is proud to offer businesses access to a full-featured Internet Banking service that puts you ahead of the competition and in control of your finances. Unlike many bank Internet services, you can actually get work done at PSB-eBank.

The basics include being able to view account balances and history of your checking, savings, money market, certificate, and loan accounts. This information can also be downloaded to Microsoft Money, Quicken, Quick Books, or a comma delimited file for other software programs. Your account data can be retained for as long as two years. You can also view the actual images of your checks instead of just looking at a list of the items that paid against your account..

Easily and quickly handle your bills and avoid the costs of checks, envelopes, postage and the delays incurred using the mail. With PSB-eBank's Bill Payment option, you can pay bills immediately or set them up for future dates. It handles One Time and Recurring payments, pending bill payments, and maintains historical bill payments. We can save you time and money when you use this service.